About SciStage project

SciStage (Science on Stage) is a collaboration project between Estonian, Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian partners that brings together science communication and engagement, education and performing arts. The aim of the project was to explore the connection between science and theatre in order to better describe, diversify and develop the format of a science theatre show.

Together we came up with a new and exciting way to communicate scientific topics with the help of drama and theatre that is called SciWalk. SciWalk is a new format that integrates performing arts, science, experiments, storytelling and physical movement. It is an audio journey that involves learning about a scientific topic from various perspectives through storytelling and performing small experiments while enjoying the experience.

The project was funded by Nordplus Horizontal programme.


AHHAA is the largest and he most entertaining science centre in the Baltics with the mission to shape the knowledge-based mindset through the joy of discovery! 

AHHAA has inspiring exhibitions, popular thematic events and attractive programme in Estonian, Russian, English and Latvian. In addition to trying out numerous ´hands-on´ exhibits, visitors of AHHAA can also take part in workshops, enjoy planetarium and science theatre shows. AHHAA welcomes visitors of all ages and offers a great opportunity to spend a fun day filled with science!


Navet is a science centre in Borås, Sweden. It is a place full of experiments, experiences and challenges in an exciting environment. Navet is a science centre that feeds your curiosity and gives an opportunity to discover how things work and are connected. The centre aims to awaken visitors creativity and joy of discovery about, for example, the human body, water, light, the universe and sustainability.

Navet has also been rewarded the highest quality scores of all Swedish science centres in the annual inspection from the Swedish school board.


VilVite, Bergen Science Centre is a medium sized modern science centre located in Norway’s second largest city of Bergen. VilVite offers more than 80 interactive installations in the permanent exhibition, and has also an area for traveling exhibitions. VilVite’s exhibition is the largest interactive exhibition within the network of the 10 science centres in Norway.

The science centre also offers a range of learning programs to all levels from kinder garden to pre-university level and various workshops for visitors – specially in their “Makers garden”.


Vísindasmiðjan or UniSci is a small educational science centre in Reykjavik, managed by the University of Iceland. UniSci is also the anchor of the Knowledge Train (Háskólalestin), touring Iceland with public science communication events. The aim of the centre is to encourage young people’s interest in science in a lively and interactive way.

At UniSci we have a variety of interactive tools and equipment that allows visitors to explore and experience the wonders of science. The centre has been very popular since it opened in 2012 and has been fully booked almost every day since.


Must Kast is a local project-based experimental theatre in Tartu, Estonia. The theatre is known for providing performances for different social and age groups. In addition to the ‘regular’ performances, the theatre organises specialist-moderated conversations (led by psychiatrist, social worker etc) between the troupe and the audience after the spectacle, in which everyone can discuss about their experience.

Theatre Must Kast also tries to identify and solve different problems through their performances and through that hopes to develop open communication and strengthen understanding between the generations.