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Sci:Walk "Water"

SciWalk is a new format that integrates performing arts, science, experiments, storytelling and physical movement. It is an audio journey that involves learning about a scientific topic from various perspectives through storytelling and performing small experiments while enjoying the experience.

"Water" is a three-part audio journey that deals with the theme of water through the eyes of three characters. The stage is given to the meteorologist, the fish and the water itself, who invites the fish and the meteorologist to take part in their life and addresses topics that are important to them.

The experience is about 15-20 minutes long and is most suitable for ages 7-11 (but others will definitely enjoy it as well). The audio journey is designed as an outdoor activity. For the experiments, a transparent half-litre water bottle filled by a third should be taken on the journey. If possible, we recommend noise-cancelling headphones so that external noise does not interfere with the listening experience.

We recommend discussing the topic and issues raised after the experience (some possible questions are listed at the bottom of the page).

Before going on a journey:

  • Show and explain to the listeners where is the area they can walk around while listening
  • Download audio files to your phone or listen directly from the page
  • Put on a good pair of headphones
  • Press the "play" button and enjoy the experience
  • Listeners can “walk with” all the three characters or choose one or two

The Water

The Water is an ancient element that has the ability to transform from one state to another. It flows freely in time and space. The water takes the listener on a journey that circles back from where it began. Water binds. Water connects. Water is life.

The Meteorologist

The Meteorologist examines the weather. Her special interest is clouds and everything that happens higher above. A meteorologist takes you on a journey to the highest peak of a small island to talk about another important topic.

The Fish

The Fish lives under one large cruise ship and travels from port to port. He takes the listener to a world full of celebrations, glitz and glamour, but underneath this superficial and sparkling surface, dark currents flow.

Playwrights: Marite H. Butkaite / Lennart Peep
Director: Lennart Peep
Actors: Eliis Uudeküll (EST, ENG), Hilde V. Östensson (SWE, NOR), Hafdis Hafdís Helga Helgadóttir (ISL)
Sound and musical design, technical implementation: Karl Petti 

Possible questions for group discussion


  • Why is it necessary to predict the weather? How to do it?
  • Why can't I sit on a cloud?
  • What to do if you want to get terribly angry? Or if you have a bad mood?


  • What was wrong with the world that the fish lived in?
  • What happened to the fish when the cruise ship he lived under left? What could have happened to him?
  • What makes you happy? Does having many material things makes you happier??


  • Water is known to exist in different states. What are these states? What is your favourite out of them and why?
  • What does the phrase "water is life" mean in your opinion?
  • How does water circulate in the world?